Successful Real Estate Professionals Give Advice to New Investors

Trey Stone has been interviewing colleagues, partners, and mentors to discuss the benefits of multi family real estate investments. We are experiencing a real estate market that has plenty of opportunity for lucrative investments. We are also experiencing extremely low interest rates for the first time in almost a decade. This may encourage people who have never invested in real estate before to get into this industry. If you are considering real estate investing, we’ve rounded up some tips from some of the pros in Trey’s network.

“Learn the deals and vet the people who are putting the deals together. Transparency is key.” - Cliff Norris


Cliff Norris began his real estate career in 2012 when he partnered with Trey Stone. He first learned about the opportunity to invest with Trey from his radio show on KSEV. Cliff was able to turn his $200,000 retirement savings into $700,000 in just a few years. He attributes much of that success to choosing the right partner.

“Find the right property at the right price- there are a lot of opportunities popping up recently.” -Jeff Welch


Jeff Welch is a commercial lender and Vice President of Third Coast Bank. He has watched the activity in the market from a lender’s perspective. He says, “Depending on your risk-averseness and entrepreneurial mindset, right now seems to be a good time to invest based on market activity.”

Start out with multi family properties. “You can put in the same amount of effort, have a bigger property, have more units, and have more money coming in.” - Scott Bassin  


Scott Bassin is one of Trey Stone’s mentors and investment partners. He began his real estate career while practicing law and ultimately retired from his law practice due to his success in this industry. His first investment property was a multi family property with 4 units. He credits this wise investment for giving him the jump off he needed to reinvest and continue building wealth in this industry.


“You always should buy when everyone else wants to sell.” - Wayne McCann


Wayne McCann is a long-time real estate investor. He initially invested in land, then single family homes, and eventually began investing with Trey in multi family properties. He saw his biggest return in his career on a multi family investment he did with Trey,  earning a 60-70% return.

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