Successful People Give Back

The One Thing The Most Successful Investors All Have in Common


It’s very easy to notice that celebrities and high-profile billionaires often give back to their communities and support causes dear to their hearts. What you may not realize is that these values are also shared by the most successful people in the real estate industry.


The priority placed on these values by real estate investors became more evident to Trey Stone as he interviewed friends and colleagues on his radio show, Real Estate Riches. Through this radio show and chatting with investors, Trey noticed that all successful people have this core value of giving back to their communities. 


Most recently, Trey hosted John Fuqua from Fuqua Builders. Trey wanted to know about his involvement in the professional associations in his community but John took it further, expressing his desire to give back in various aspects of his life.

“Anyone that’s successful in business are the type of people that give their time and resources to make their communities better.” 

- John Fuqua


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John says that wealth is built by giving. The more you give, the more you receive. He applies this by participating in associations and giving to nonprofits. He also applies this principle to his relationship with his employees- the more you give them, the more they give back to you. 


When John expressed his interest in giving back, Trey recalled other recent guests who had similar principles. They wanted to invest in multi-family properties not just for themselves but to make it better for the residents, the employees who work there, and for the whole community. Trey has these same values because he is passionate about the long-term effect when you help a community. He believes that when you elevate a community by making significant improvements it has a ripple effect on the youth in the entire neighborhood. 


Trey thought it was powerful when another guest spoke of his Christian beliefs and his charitable work with a nonprofit that provides opportunities to people rejoining society after serving time for a crime. When those opportunities are missing, it leads to a cycle of crime. This becomes a concern for everyone in society. For Dan Garrison, this is one of the reasons he enjoys multi-family real estate investing. These real estate investments give you the wealth and resources to focus on things that matter.  Dan leverages his financial resources to benefit others. 


“To whom much is given, much is required.”- Luke 12:48


This is a scripture Dan lives by and teaches his kids. He also sets an example with his actions and involvement in charitable work. One organization Dan works with is Career Gear Houston. They take clothing donations, sort them properly, and style them for those in need of a second chance. 50% are veterans and about 20% are in need of a second chance from drug addiction, homelessness, etc . They go through interview coaching and styling to assist with securing a job. Additionally, they help with military veterans’ transition from military life back to civilian life. The organization has over 100 partners around Houston that send clients and donors to them.


Wayne McCann also spoke of his passion for giving back and how his passive income helps him to do that. Wayne values helping people facing hardships whether it’s Covid-19 related or even storm related like the relief efforts for Hurricane Laura. 

“With passive income, if something comes up you can donate money for relief like in the instance of Hurricane Laura.” -Wayne McCann


Trey marvels at the number of successful people on the show that live by these principles. He also notes that the people who invest in real-estate with a purpose, who are in it for the long-haul, are the most successful.

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